Thursday, December 23, 2004


Well today went to watch Phantom Of the Opera with wuijia,who just came back from singapore,and my regular buddies...the movie was the the music..beautifully done..the cute part is there were a couple of buffoons at the row behind us trying to sing along with the actors and actresses...lawak...then we adjourned to mcd's to catch up on old times..lucky went to talk inside mcd's ..if we would have parked our butts outside..whoa...dun wanna imagine the consequences...then i did the most stupid thing while waitng for transport home..dun think any of my frens realized except for jann..hahaha..
well i also got to know today that i have been accepted for the asean schorlarship..dun noe whether to accept it or not..well i'll just let myself be confused for a wait i am already a confused piece of crap..lolz.

news flash:nian ning took here first bus ride from here domicile to gurney plaza and survived unscathed!!!!(but was freaking exhausted after that)


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