Sunday, August 21, 2005


well sorry i haven't been posting for such a long long long time.just got my the connection is damn cacat..can't even get LAN to my room even though i applied long ago.anyway using the wireless at coll.
life here at Sunway isn't exactly a bed of roses..the scholars here are super muggers!! they mug every single minute fo the freaking day!!! just looking them mug at that super frantic pace is freaking me out!!!!! wat ya wanna do muggers..but i'm getting a life...more dead than lifeless people!!
been to the pyramid 5 times this week and getting rather sick of that place.wish there was someone who's willing to go to the city with me!!(*rolls eyes*)fat hope!!
i'm now living in a condo-hostel just beside the college and life there is pretty sad there too.i live in a unit with 4 rooms but only three occupants,so the house is pretty empty..but it doesn't make a difference actually..i rarely even see my house mates.
jann,sookie,sohan and roshan came to visit me this nice of them!!seeing them actually made me miss home a lot!!!super much actually!!
now feeling like a total piece of shit cause i miss home so so so so so so much!!!!never expected myself to say this but yeah...miss mummy's cooking,dad's driving,the crazy antics of both my bro's and chatting with ning khang!!i hate this feeling so so so much....and i hate myself for being so weak!! i mean i just went home last week and i'm already missing them so much!!..this didn't happen when i was staying in singapore!maybe the environment is different..people there are just more friendly and are always thre for you when you're down and all...but here's a different story .every man/woman for him/herself...haih...praying that i will get over this as soon as a physics test coming up and i can't get myself to study because i'm so emotionally unsettled!!
may the force be with me and help me pull thru.
nian ning


Blogger jujuwab said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyy! i knoe what you mean...suffering the same thing now...worst i least you have some friends around...congrats anyway!!! all the best!


Wednesday, August 31, 2005 7:46:00 AM  

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