Sunday, December 05, 2004


ok so i couldn't think of a what sue me!!today has been quite crappy.Well i had to get up at like 6 a.m this morning for the stupid ASEAN Scholarship thingy and i am in desperate need of sleep.Even as i type this i'm struggling to keep my eyes open.ok enuff abt me and my eyes..well i sucked big time at the entrance exam especially in the math paper..whoa my brain just got really rusty after one month without add maths practice..can you imagine i didn't noe how to do SEVEN out of the 22 sucky is that!!!anyway was really bored coz the guy that sat next to me was really quite...kinda freaky actually he din say a word from 8 in the morning until the tests ended at abt 4.30..what the..??!! and there was one guy in front of me who is like a super genius or something he finished the whole bloody hard math paper in like one and a half hours..i mean like WHOA!!!the lady test coordinators there were kinda ganas especially the super tall one(maybe not super tall in my case but she's taller than average)keep barking down people's neck only...GANAS! well after the math exam,lilian Eleanor and i went to their so called restaurant for lunch...the food was ok..but we didn't eat much..ol'horsey din follow us coz she went out with her parents for lunch..anyway at lunch we met cho ee and wei pin.din actually acknowledge them but watever..the english exam and General ability paper was kinda ok..i espescially liked the GA paper..damn nice no words one just have to complete the picture with the missing piece..sounds easy??let me tell you can be very deceiving..the exams finish one hour ahead of time so lilian,jieying and i decided to venture to prangin to find some veet stuff lilian was looking for(i dunno wats it's called but it sounds something like thexeira..hahaha)any way we couldn't find the the veet stuff but we did have a lot of fun squirting hair straightener on lilian's hair and trying to blow it dry with our mouths..hahaha..then lilian ended up feeling obliged to purchase the straightening balm..haha..later jieying gave me a ride home..when i reached home i got a bloody shock my house was infested with guys...they were crawling around everywhere!!upstairs ,downstairs hang on the sofa set,on the floor...just everywhere..thx a lot bro..neway i had a quick bath and my cousin bro and his girlfren came to save my sanity by bringing me out for dinner..ended up buying a few dvd's...then came home and watched white wasn't as funny as everyone decribed..maybe coz i was watching it with my bro who was in a bad mood coz my cousin caught him driving illegally and confiscated the car keys..haih unno why he so stupid noe we go out for dinner for a short while only still wanna drive out and save charles who got lost on the way to my house..haih...dunno la now no car susah la...haih...


Blogger Amy said...

ooo... veet.. i need that too.. gotta get one soon! haha
whoa, you're day was kinda pretty hectic.. teruknya, once your parents are out, your bro starts to turn the house upside down??
well, dun worry about your ASEAN paper, i'm sure you did fine!

Monday, December 06, 2004 12:41:00 AM  
Blogger | j-ann* | said...

lol.. nianz, no more driving lessons for u d.. lol
on the bright side, at least ur cuz bro saved ur sanity.. no point in going mad rite after spm.. ahaha

Monday, December 06, 2004 12:58:00 AM  

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