Wednesday, February 02, 2005


hey every one ,as the title suggests i'm i witness a super duper freaky incident yesterday,at bio lecture there was this super freaky guy that could answer out of the syllabus questions.the lecturers asked us why lysosomes do not destroy themselves and no one could actually come up with a good ans and then along came this guy ranting about gycoxylation,oligosaccharides and sugar shields..damn psycho!!all of us din noe what he was talking abt..even the lecturer looked stunned!!!and that's not it,he later came back to explain to the whole LT(lecture theatre)of abt 200 students what kind of dieseases (he actually gave the names of the dieseases which i can't actually remember)which can inflict you if you lysosomes do not function..he even belted out all the tell tales symptoms,life span of the patients and explained why they will happen..totally nuts...freaky!!
i'm going for a inter jc debate on saturday and i'm so totally freaked.will be competing against hwa chong and victoria in the first round...damn!!so unlucky to draw against them they're like super duper good!!!and i'm like going to go for a suicide mission coz the teacher asked me to go as the 3rd speaker!!!super dead!!plus the motion is damn stupid"this house fears the opening up of china"
gtg bye


Blogger Amy said...

that's a real freako...
guess his life's all just about biology.. nothing else..
OOo you're in the debate team again! YAY!
dun worry about it..just bertentang berhabis-habisan with them...
cya soon!!!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005 5:48:00 PM  

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