Wednesday, September 07, 2005


i think most of you don't know that somewhere around this time last month i lost my samsung SGH-E600c. and guess what lightning can strike the same f**cking place twice!!i lost my replacement SGH-X540 which i only used for like three weeks!! actually i don't think my phones are "lost" just like that i have the strangest feeling that some one stole them because right after i found out my phone was lost and tried to call ack the phone was already turned off.this happened on both incidents! and the funny part is my friends who were with me during that time(both the incidents)have seen me using my phone only 5 mins before i declared my phone lost!!
. to the two stupid mofo's that stole my phones please be more considerate to other people's feelings!!i don't know whether to hate you or to pity you!!!

RESOLUTION: i will learn to keep an eye on my hp!!!will not let it out of my sight anymore!!


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