Tuesday, December 07, 2004

tired but elated..

well today was SUPERB!!well first thing was i got a load of sleep.slept until eleven thirty today..could have slept longer if it wasn't for my cousin...but nvm..rite after i woke up went for lunch with my cousin and brother..dunno how those two piggy's can eat so much when they just had breakfast at 9.30 am and took me out for lunch at twelve..super appetite..neway amy's bro came to pick both my bro and i to gurney.THX a LOT ky for the ride..walked in gurney for abt five and a half hours..scoured the whole gurney for amy's prom dress in vain...haih..got nth she likes...can't blame her..a lot of stuff were either unsuitable or too expensive..then later we sorta got bored so we(amy,jann and i)went back to amy's house..then her parents took us to youth park..gosh the park changed like super a lot..ok i admit i haven't been there in a long long time but i must say i was very impressed with the upgrades..Kudos to the MPPP for a great job done.after exploring the whole of youth park,amy's parents took us out for dinner at some place in front of northam hotel.the food was good THANK YOU Mr. and Mrs. Fong for the wonderful dinner!!then we went to batu ferringhi to shop some more..whoa legs aching de by then but had to preservere in order to find amy's dress..but luck wasn't on our side coz we din find anything but we did have a great deal of fun fibbing to the guard in order to get a parking space in golden sands hotel..i can't believe that fella balieved our story..we told him we were going to have dinner and it was already nine pm!!lawak!!then we had to get back to the car using the non- exsisting side entrance..then on our way home jann had a tight spot with someone ..lucky she had me and amy to save her ass...we really created one hell of a racket in the car!!neway i arrived home tired but happy(but my cousin wasn't too happy i guess i paksa him drive all the way from his house in bayan lepas to pick me up from jien ann's houde..kekeke)..neway let us all pray that amy finds her prom dress soon before she runs out of time...


Blogger Amy said...

well then, can i have the greatest story teller award?? *please clap..* thank you.. thank you.. thank you very much!! haha *grin*

Sunday, December 12, 2004 1:50:00 PM  

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