Wednesday, March 23, 2005


"loss is indeed eventual.."i just read byran's/brian's(???)entry in his blog on the subject and found it so very true..i'm not really good at penning down my thoughts,so here goes another one of my superly superficial entrees.
well,i'm leaving singapore soon..not just for a holiday but for's just today as i sit here in front of the comp in school that the harsh reality came crashing down on me..i wanna break down and cry but i cannot i must remain strong..
i dun wanna leave actually.even though i have only been here for 3 short months i already feel rooted-attached to each and every one of you...i don't wanna break away from all the bonds that have been forged over the short 3 month period that i've been here. life is always unfair..
to all my friends,ASEANS and singaporeans alike, i would like to thank each and everyone of you for making my stay at singapore, the most memorable and enjoyable time of my life.All the best for all your future endeavours and please do keep in touch.

Carpe Diem,
nian ning


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