Thursday, September 22, 2005


Do not underestimate the musical potential of ANY object.

A few friends and I went to watch STOMP last night at the Istana Budaya. It was like …WOW!!!

STOMP is a movement, of bodies, objects, sounds - even abstract ideas. But what makes it so appealing is that the cast uses everyday objects, but in non-traditional ways.

There's no speech, no dialogue, not even a plot.

It’s just so damn cool!!!!

The performers used so many different kinds of objects to make music stuff that you never even give a second thought about like plastic bags and even banana skins were used to create one of the most exciting kinds of music I’ve ever heard!! It was just wonderful!!

My personal favorite is the part where they used pipes-yes pipes, of different length and diameters to play this lil cutesy tune..SWEEET!

The part where they made music with lighters was cool too. Simulating to both the visual and auditory senses.

Heck, the whole show was just UBER cool!!

The whole show was just intricately orchestrated, vigorously choreographed. I admire the performers. Imagine the number of hours they put in and the numerous bruises and injuries they sustained just to make the performance perfect!

The STOMP experience is just so infective that I felt like clapping and dancing I got my chance! The crew actually conducted the whole audience to STOMP along with them!! The amazing thing is that they didn’t utter a word yet managed to synchronize the about 500 strong audience (just an estimation) to clap, snap their fingers and stomp their feet in perfect unison=)

It really was a great night. The great show made the journey to Istana Budaya and all that haggling with idiotic taxi drivers that couldn’t be bothered to use the meter(but we found one that used the meter and had a really nice driver in the end) worth it.

Plus we got the RM 250 tickets for the student rush price!! Only RM 77! 3rd row stall seats!!

STOMP will be playing till Sunday so those who have yet to watch it go quick!!

To get cheap student rush tickets get there early. Ticket for the student rush starts selling at eight. But to get the good seat I suggest you start queuing at about 715pm.


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