Saturday, January 14, 2006


Hahaha. .i’m like the laziest ass on planet earth! Totally like left the site to vegetate and grow mouldy and all. really wondering whether anyone would actually bother reading shit I post up here anyway

Ok updates since I last updated.
.(arrgh I’m seriously lazy to post so pardon the short sentence and incoherent thoughts)

Well holidays are officially OVER. Back in college. Things here are pretty boring my general life cycle is:

1) dig my lazy butt out of bed
2) wash up
3) shovel some breakfast down my throat
4) wait ittakessuchafreakinglongtimeelevator to get to my floor
5) plod to college
6) stair marathon up 4 flights of stairs
7) arrive in class NOT late
8) find myself stoning unconsciously in class
9) back to hostel
10) swim
11) sleep

Repeat the cycle 5 times from Monday to Friday=)

Weekends usually last only about half a day=)

Oh my time table is the most screwed up time table I’ve ever had.

Classes starts at 0830 everyday and ends at 1630.but I had two to four hour breaks in between everyday!!

Oh and we’re finally assimilated into the mainstream.they’re not bad I suppose=) not all younger(hallelujah)heck some are even older than me=) thanks to singapore’s NS=)

Oh and my blog’s not going to be a i-am-so-bored-I-have-nothing-better-to-do-than-bore-you-with-crap-tht-i-do-everyday-blog anymore.thanks to my ESL teacher.

According to her,as a bid to improve my disgustingly colloquial English,I should try to keep a journal of my actual English.-NOT manglish.

And since we’re supposed to write about issues that we feel strongly about in everyday life my blog is going to be even MORE boring than my previous i-am-so-bored-I-have-nothing-better-to-do-than-bore-you-with-crap-tht-i-do-everyday-blog.
Her example of an issue we feel strongly is:

“For example when you happen to pass a garbage strewn path. How do you feel? Do you not think that the disgusting litter-bug habit of fellow Malaysians should be eradicated? I want you to write about an issue such as this. Give your opinion on how we can overcome this inclination that most Malaysians have.”


I’ll probably wouldn’t wanna blog anymore.

Come to think of it,blogging is a stupid waste of time.

Oh well.

And yes,I have a new Yemeni housemate=) she’s really sweet.probably post about her next=)


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