Wednesday, October 26, 2005

these are the people.....

I come to realize that friends we hold dearest to our hearts are usually those from our secondary school years(this holds true especially to me).These friends has gone through thick and thin with us. Growing up together, helping each other through times of trouble, getting each other into trouble and what-nots.

I’m not saying that the friends that I have made in very recent past are bad or not worthy to be called friends. You all are and always will be appreciated and held close to my heart. But I don’t think that you’ll understand why my secondary school friends are extremely special to me. But I’ll try to explain anyway. Pardon me for being incoherent at times as I’m not really good with experiencing my feelings with words.

These are that people that I grew up with. From day one in primary school, we stuck with each other through quarrels, misunderstanding and fights, making it thru eleven schooling years to finally reach the last sorrowful parting on Dec 2nd 2004.

These are the friends that seriously care for me and will go all out to help me get out of trouble. These are the people that are willing to go through heck load of trouble just to save my ass. I cannot recount the numerous times my secondary school friends went all out of the way just to rescue me from impending doom=)thanks a lot gals!!

These are the people that has come to accept all my bad habits and come to love me for who me are and not what i pretend to be. When I’m with them I don’t have to put up an unnatural façade just to please them or conform to whatever stereotype people think I am. I can be just plain old me. Loud, straight –forward, obnoxious me=)

These are the people that I’ve borrow money from and forget about it and vice versa. The money will just keep shuttling back and forth, ricocheting of each other until it finally comes into balance without us paying each other back. .lol..

These are the friends that i once conspired with to prank a certain teacher or innocent bystanders that are unfortunate enough to be the guinea pig of my konco’s new “experiment”.

These are the people that sneak out with me to the hang out in the computer lab so that we can finish the last level of Bubble –Bubbles by annihilating the supreme last level king! Which we managed to after about a month of sneaking out of class !lol

These are the people that will fabricate tales to teachers on my absence in class, just to save my ass from a grilling by the teacher.

These are the people that frantically try to wake me up from my peaceful slumber in class when the teacher suddenly notices that she doesn’t have my attention anymore.

These are the people that borrow me their homework to zap in the morning so I don’t get in trouble for not completing my remember everyone trying to get hold of either jo’s or jann’s book..frantically copying line by line before the first bell

These are the people that composed crazy songs and sang it on the top of their voices. Not at all worrying that anyone will think of them as crazy.

These are the people that we all raced to say thank you to in the canteen, so that the last one to be thanked has to send all the dirty dishes back to its respective stalls.

These are the people that I can gossip with for hours on end. People I can both cry and laugh with and yet they won’t think of me as less of a person=)

These are the people that knows that I’m a big scatter brain and takes advantage of it by hiding my bag, then laughs at me because I only discovered that it was gone after half a day at on how much I use my books and stationary at

Ahh..a crazy bunch like you will be difficult to come by again in this lifetime.

Although distance and time will inevitable erode the strong bonds that we used to share. I would like all of you to know that you all will always have a special place in my heart till the day I’m old and gray=)


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