Friday, October 21, 2005

I am....

  1. suppossed to be studying for my moral finals but am typing this post.
  2. a procrastinator, preferring to do last minute work rather than giving myself ample time to complete my tasks.
  3. strong-willed.
  4. headstrong.
  5. impulsive at times.
  6. opinionated.
  7. straight-forward.
  8. blunt.
  9. direct.
  10. a banana that knows how to speak Chinese.
  11. sensitive though I don’t show it.
  12. fun-loving.
  13. loud. Too loud at times=)
  14. neurotic at times.
  15. tall=p
  16. thought to have no feelings for what other people think.
  17. disliked for being to opinionated.
  18. hated because I’m too straight forward
  19. just like your other ordinary girl, but some people shy away from me for some reasons beyond my comprehension. As rumor has it, I’m too aggressive.
  20. may be a bit too aggressive for people’s liking.
  21. not mild-mannered, but trying to be. with no avail that is.
  22. a little psychotic at times.
  23. a feminist. I don’t see why guys and girls are treated differently.
  24. a person that is difficult to like????
  25. an all-rounder.
  26. a person that loves to be loved.
  27. a person that LOVES my family a lot.
  28. like a mangosteen. Hard and tough on the outside, but mushy and soft on the inside.
  29. demanding.
  30. normal-looking.
  31. a bit materialistic=p
  32. hard to convince when I have my mind set on something.
  33. a bit of a slob. I can never manage to keep my room very clean or organized.
  34. a bit of a monkey at times.
  35. addicted to bubble smiles.
  36. very,very,very extremely careless.
  37. a bit of a nerd.
  38. a person who has a shoe fetish.
  39. friendly.
  40. trying to learn how to play dotA with no avail.
  41. not-polished. very rough round the edges.
  42. trying to be more polished.
  43. addicted to banana cake.
  44. a dessert person=)
  45. a FOAMY fan!!
  46. a health freak at times
  47. nature loving.
  48. demented at times.
  49. vulgar at times.
  50. ME!


Blogger jay3349 said...

I am now completely 100% sure you have lost your mind and I certify you as the best time waster in the world after raeding your blog. (hated because I’m too straight forward)Cannot say that you are hated. Just ermmmm..... feared I suppose. (a feminist. I don’t see why guys and girls are treated differently.) Super true. But my friend you have to know that that is very very false. Haha! (hard to convince when I have my mind set on something.) This can be true sometimes. That's all from me. I still don't think you are a bad person. ;)

Friday, October 21, 2005 10:57:00 AM  

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