Monday, January 17, 2005

hi from the lion's city

hey everybody sorry for not updating my blog for such a superly long time...didn't hvwe much time at internet connection at my hostel damn slack..
any way my life here i ok la...everyday have to get up at 6 in order to catch the school bus school starts at 745 and ends at abt six fifteen...but have to stay back almost everyday from abt 630 to abt 8 or nine for CCA(co-curiculum activities)lame rite????
another lame thing is i have to ake 2 bloody buses just to get back to my hostel from school...and my hostel has stupid curfew times..8pm on week days n sunday,1030pm on sat and public lame can life get??!!
i really can't get used to the teaching in eng.lish..the terminology damn ...wah in explainable..confused like crap..and the singaporeans seems to have learnt a lot more than us in secondary school!!
just had gp (general paper) lecture and a gp pop quiz and guess wat???i only could answer 3 out of the ten ques in the quiz!!!!so sad man!!
anyways ppl here speak in acronyms and shortened words(which gets me confused and irritated sometimes)
eg:enthu=enthusiastic,X=expensive,pon=ponteng(but most singaporeans don't noe pon stands for ponteng coz their malay sux,they just noe it means skipping school..), sarcas=sarcastic ,CCA=co-curicular activities...
ppl here also thinks that all malaysians are orang asli.I mean they go like"do you catch fish in the river and cook it for dinner??" and "do you have channel v and mtv in malaysia??" i mean how bloody lame can these ppl get???
keke any way no cute guys here la(in my hostel at least still going to scope around in school=))..muahahahaha...*evil laughter*..
hope you guys will drop me a message abt your where abouts..and where the heck is sonia???dissapered???haih..never say where she's going also..."mo yi hei"wan *blex*...tell me ya if anyone noes.
nian ning