Friday, December 24, 2004


WELCOME BACK TAN SOOK SHUEN!!!!!!!misssed ya!!!woo hoo!!!must go out berhabis-habisan....

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Well today went to watch Phantom Of the Opera with wuijia,who just came back from singapore,and my regular buddies...the movie was the the music..beautifully done..the cute part is there were a couple of buffoons at the row behind us trying to sing along with the actors and actresses...lawak...then we adjourned to mcd's to catch up on old times..lucky went to talk inside mcd's ..if we would have parked our butts outside..whoa...dun wanna imagine the consequences...then i did the most stupid thing while waitng for transport home..dun think any of my frens realized except for jann..hahaha..
well i also got to know today that i have been accepted for the asean schorlarship..dun noe whether to accept it or not..well i'll just let myself be confused for a wait i am already a confused piece of crap..lolz.

news flash:nian ning took here first bus ride from here domicile to gurney plaza and survived unscathed!!!!(but was freaking exhausted after that)

Saturday, December 18, 2004

nah photos from hawaiian nite for you all to cuci mata!!

read the title*blex*

the 5sc1 ppl that made it to the prom*blex* Posted by Hello

me in the toilet Posted by Hello

jien ann in the toilet Posted by Hello

mgs-ian class of 2004 Posted by Hello

???? Posted by Hello

amy and i Posted by Hello

me eating pudding Posted by Hello

three leng lui's Posted by Hello

cho siau-ing=) Posted by Hello

jiean ann and i Posted by Hello

sookie and peiwen Posted by Hello

jien ann and jolene Posted by Hello

jien ann and amy Posted by Hello

sonia mc-ing Posted by Hello

from left:sookie,daniel,chris and gary Posted by Hello

sookie and daniel. Posted by Hello

jiean ann and a balloon=) Posted by Hello

from left:jien ann sonia amy and i Posted by Hello

lilian and yi xin Posted by Hello

from left:jiean ann,amy and i(wat the hell am i doing keeping my eyes shut??) Posted by Hello

sookie looking super blow Posted by Hello

hawaiian nite..all the photos following this will be from jien ann's camera Posted by Hello

lonco-konco posing for the school mag..din use this pic though Posted by Hello

Monday, December 13, 2004

well, finally dragged my self to blogging..after a few days of absence..actually i did post abt my prom hawaiian nite but my darling computer decided to die on me so i didn't get to publish the post...bugger computer..wrote like so damn long...

Anyway the prom was ok la...not wat i had in mind but ok..a lil boring..spent most of the time taking photos coz everyone wanted to immortalize the moment..i mean a lot of money has been spent by everyone getting new dresses doing their hair and photo taking is a must...anyway i was like very very very very lucky i won a prize for the lucky draw and it's not just any prize it's a 2 day 1 nite stay at the hotel's suite!!!!SWEEEEEET!!Amy got a towel worth RM60(Amy,you're not dat unlucky eh??)and Sonia got best dressed for the girls section..YOU GO GIRL!!

i'm rite now in the biggest dilemma of my life choosing between F6 and college.Arrrgh i wish there was no need to chose...damn!!!dun wanna think abt it de la...lalalalala...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

tired but elated..

well today was SUPERB!!well first thing was i got a load of sleep.slept until eleven thirty today..could have slept longer if it wasn't for my cousin...but nvm..rite after i woke up went for lunch with my cousin and brother..dunno how those two piggy's can eat so much when they just had breakfast at 9.30 am and took me out for lunch at twelve..super appetite..neway amy's bro came to pick both my bro and i to gurney.THX a LOT ky for the ride..walked in gurney for abt five and a half hours..scoured the whole gurney for amy's prom dress in nth she likes...can't blame her..a lot of stuff were either unsuitable or too expensive..then later we sorta got bored so we(amy,jann and i)went back to amy's house..then her parents took us to youth park..gosh the park changed like super a lot..ok i admit i haven't been there in a long long time but i must say i was very impressed with the upgrades..Kudos to the MPPP for a great job done.after exploring the whole of youth park,amy's parents took us out for dinner at some place in front of northam hotel.the food was good THANK YOU Mr. and Mrs. Fong for the wonderful dinner!!then we went to batu ferringhi to shop some more..whoa legs aching de by then but had to preservere in order to find amy's dress..but luck wasn't on our side coz we din find anything but we did have a great deal of fun fibbing to the guard in order to get a parking space in golden sands hotel..i can't believe that fella balieved our story..we told him we were going to have dinner and it was already nine pm!!lawak!!then we had to get back to the car using the non- exsisting side entrance..then on our way home jann had a tight spot with someone ..lucky she had me and amy to save her ass...we really created one hell of a racket in the car!!neway i arrived home tired but happy(but my cousin wasn't too happy i guess i paksa him drive all the way from his house in bayan lepas to pick me up from jien ann's houde..kekeke)..neway let us all pray that amy finds her prom dress soon before she runs out of time...

Sunday, December 05, 2004


ok so i couldn't think of a what sue me!!today has been quite crappy.Well i had to get up at like 6 a.m this morning for the stupid ASEAN Scholarship thingy and i am in desperate need of sleep.Even as i type this i'm struggling to keep my eyes open.ok enuff abt me and my eyes..well i sucked big time at the entrance exam especially in the math paper..whoa my brain just got really rusty after one month without add maths practice..can you imagine i didn't noe how to do SEVEN out of the 22 sucky is that!!!anyway was really bored coz the guy that sat next to me was really quite...kinda freaky actually he din say a word from 8 in the morning until the tests ended at abt 4.30..what the..??!! and there was one guy in front of me who is like a super genius or something he finished the whole bloody hard math paper in like one and a half hours..i mean like WHOA!!!the lady test coordinators there were kinda ganas especially the super tall one(maybe not super tall in my case but she's taller than average)keep barking down people's neck only...GANAS! well after the math exam,lilian Eleanor and i went to their so called restaurant for lunch...the food was ok..but we didn't eat much..ol'horsey din follow us coz she went out with her parents for lunch..anyway at lunch we met cho ee and wei pin.din actually acknowledge them but watever..the english exam and General ability paper was kinda ok..i espescially liked the GA paper..damn nice no words one just have to complete the picture with the missing piece..sounds easy??let me tell you can be very deceiving..the exams finish one hour ahead of time so lilian,jieying and i decided to venture to prangin to find some veet stuff lilian was looking for(i dunno wats it's called but it sounds something like thexeira..hahaha)any way we couldn't find the the veet stuff but we did have a lot of fun squirting hair straightener on lilian's hair and trying to blow it dry with our mouths..hahaha..then lilian ended up feeling obliged to purchase the straightening balm..haha..later jieying gave me a ride home..when i reached home i got a bloody shock my house was infested with guys...they were crawling around everywhere!!upstairs ,downstairs hang on the sofa set,on the floor...just everywhere..thx a lot bro..neway i had a quick bath and my cousin bro and his girlfren came to save my sanity by bringing me out for dinner..ended up buying a few dvd's...then came home and watched white wasn't as funny as everyone decribed..maybe coz i was watching it with my bro who was in a bad mood coz my cousin caught him driving illegally and confiscated the car keys..haih unno why he so stupid noe we go out for dinner for a short while only still wanna drive out and save charles who got lost on the way to my house..haih...dunno la now no car susah la...haih...