Sunday, July 17, 2005


pictures taken during my farewell lunch in nandos gurney plaza.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 ppl must be suprised to c a post up here..sorry or the super duper long hiatus..been really lazy and was actually contemplating to let this blog die..but am thinking otherwise..a blog really requires stamina to upkeep an undiciplined person like me it's really hard to plaster my butt down to the chair and

anyway an update of what happend to me since my last post..

well i suddenly became like this magnet for accidents..i dunno why..oh well..bad karma i guess..

well lets begin with the first episode of the series of unfortunate events that hit me like a big yellow school bus at the end of the month of may.

okie so there was this sports carnival my college was oganizing and so in good sporting spirits i signed up for badminton(yeah i noe my badminton sucks..just joined for the heck of it)and in order not to play like a spastic duck welding a racquet my 'team' and i decided to go for practice at bukit dumbar(friggin hot and under-ventilated) jien ann and i against sheaspeare(cool name huh??)and yu wei.well, all went well until the second set..i went to the front of the net to retreive a drop shot and then when i straighten back up i was met with a rude shock.Sheaspeare tapped the shuttle directly into my damn eye..shyt!!don't really recall what happened next..but all i knew is that i was like rolling on the floor and when i opened my eye i couldn't see a bloody thing and then started to panic..i began screaming i think..the only thing i thought of was i still wanna drive!! silly i noe but then again i don't think i was in the right frame of mind to think coherantly.anyway an uncle told me not to panic..weird really..i mean wth??!!i'm blind and u say "dun panic it will clear up"..he even advised me not yes NOT to go to the hospital..crazy idiot..lucky i had two very good friends there with more rational heads on their shoulder.jann got me an ice pack and junyew rushed me to the hospital...he got pulled over the police for doing and illegal thing(dunno wat it is )but the police let him off,under the circumstances of having a one eye blind person in his back seat.anyway we got to the emergency room and the attendants there wern't doing much to lift my spirits,,there was this male attendant that kept telling me if my eyeball is pushed too far back i'll be blind forever and they'll have to dig out my eyeball or summat..nice thought for a person who just got involved in an accident!!and the nurses there were struggling to get my contacts out..they were like"eh i don"t dare do this y not you do it??"so much for acting te nurses tht saw to me for the rest of my stay was really really nice,so tht made up for it=) got hospitalized for four days..couldn't have lived through the disgusting hospital food and terrible boredom if not for my friends tht got me my daily fix of baskins and mcd's=)anyway got discharged just to find out tht the doc put me on CRIB(complete rest in bed)for a week and a half!!!the only difference is the location..oh's better home than hospital..anyway my eye healed alright..except for the fact tht my irises is paralysed and will forever remain in a dilated state..oh well

the second accident was nothing really major but kinda embarrasing..fell in the collage corridor while trying to do a "short cut"lol..bruised myself pretty badly..the worst part was i got up and went"I'm OKAY!!!"lol..super idiotic

now for the third (and i hope final accident).on the way to coll on monday we (jann,jo and i )met an accident..jann rammed into the back of a stationary volvo at abt 80 kmph..needless to say tht her car,a proton saga was totalled...the whole front part was smashed..the funny thing is the driver of the volvo is my neighbour..lucky he din recognize of us were very shocked..but survived the crash..only one person,jann,had to be admitted to the hosp.sufferred from a bad case of whiplash due to the accident..everyone was like" best friends taking turns to get admitted to the hosp"..kinda funny in a weird sense.

oh and there was this mini episode where someone crashed into my car at driving school(sheesh i'm really an accident magnet!!) nothing much just tht my car's lamp and number plate was broken.oh i passed driving....finally..

anyway on the bright side i've been accepted for the JPA scholarship to do medicine in australia..YAY!!!!!!!super happy!!!going to report to sunway on the 21st..this means i have to leave my new found friends(cept for jann and jo) AGAIN!!!can u believe it..another saddening parting..ish hate partings...gonna miss everyone super a if i dun have enuff ppl to miss like can be damn evil at time..

3 colleges in 7 months..not too bad eh??

will blog the next time i feel like it=)

nian ning