Monday, June 26, 2006

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Friday, June 09, 2006

semi-charmed life

everyday i wake up and am thankful for the blessed life i lead.

no matter how many times i complain how bad things are,i always remind myself that things always came good for me.i have all i want,loved ones close,friends by my side and a scholarship to pursue the course of my dreams.

what more can i ask for?

....perhaps a place in med school in australia*bluex* humans are greedy beings...i'm so disgusted at

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

when you get your camera back & have too much time on your hands this is wat you do=)|lern|malvin|sun-j|narcissism is necessary| Posted by Picasa

ancient snapshots=)when we were younger the world revolved around us and life was a lot less complicated. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 02, 2006

days of complete randomness

to the very few readers of my very rarely updated blog, i'm sorry for the lag of updates.been quite busy lately(read:excuse for being plain lazy)

i seem to be doing pretty random stuff in the past two i LIKE doing random stuff=) makes life all the more exciting!! nice to once in a while break away from the rigidity of college life=)

yesterday in the middle of coll,chunglern and i suddenly had a craving for mcd's,and we just like went to pyramid(even though lern had class in abt an hour's time or so) to try out their new burger..delish=) wat made that outing even worst is, i,who have been deprived of shopping for so long,went SHOPPING!! bwahahaha!!a real despo huh??trying to stuff shopping in the itenary even when i knew that there was a time constraint=) oh well, it was worth it=) i got a kinda cute candy coloured polo tee=)

did more random stuff out of complete boredness today=)
met luxian on my way back to the condo after Econs(which i practically napped thru half the class).he was bored as he had to wait for the rest of his gang to finish english,to go play futsal.So we ,decided to go "explore" the college/uni=)
some how,after checking out a combustion pipe(dun ask me why we were looking at it,cos i dunno either,too bored i guess) we ended up at the monorail station(FYI,the monorail does not work anymore) saw a bunch of girls trying to light a fire there,for what i dunno(drugs??lol or just to kill time and boredom??) neways,Lux and i,bless our curious minds,wondered whether or not we will end up in sunway pyramid if we walked along the monorail track.And so we walked.To our suprise,we ended up in sunway lagoon after a short five mins walk. i didn't know that our college was THAT near sunway lagoon=) neways, the security people from sunway lagoon spotted us and yelled at us,demanding us to turn back=)(lux you were damn funny when you tried to negotiate with that guy to let you continue the journey,lol,wat were you thinking????)
i took a picture of lux on our way back as proof that we were on the monorail track=) (please see top,couldn't insert the photo at the bottom)