Tuesday, February 15, 2005


haha..i was suprised my angel din actually forget to give me a prezzie...he actually wanted me to think that he forgot....gave me a super cute soft toy!!thx!!
oh and i think my mortal noes who i am already,coz yesterday i think he saw me passing his valentines prezzie to kai rou to pass to him...but heck who cares!!hehe=p

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy valentines and international friendship day!!!

Happy valentines day everybody!!!
ahhh today me so paiseh only..din noe that valentines day is such a big deal here in singapore!!everyone was like giving each other gifts...darn i din bring anything...haha..so was more of a receiver rather than a giver!!!the guys in my class were super sweet!!!! all of them pulled cash and bought all the girls in the class a red rose...damn nice ppl...cost them a bomb..haha i found out that each of them has to shell out 5 dollars cos there were more girls than guys in the class.
anyway the only downside of the day is that my angel(the one supposed to get me stuff for v day)did not or forgot to give me my prezzie...cheh!!
campus rumpus is around the corner and guess what??!!i didn't sell any tickets yet !!!ahhhh gonna die..no one to extort!...dun think me cg tutor will be to happy with the fact that i din sell any but wat the heck!
neway all the teachers are going test crazy gonna have three lecture test next week!!!dead!!!really lost for physics and maths....haha...gonna kamikaze during the test dee...three topics each...dead!!chem also three topics of calculations....haih lecturer damn heartless...*blex*
anyway got to go...study time dee.
signing off,

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Adrian lim and i Posted by Hello

shuming attacked me with the camera!! Posted by Hello

si min and i Posted by Hello

l-r:ivy,daphne,me,shuming,chen qing Posted by Hello

natalie and i Posted by Hello

Wei seng and i Posted by Hello

Kean kwoh and i Posted by Hello

Carynl and i Posted by Hello

ASEAN n SIA scholars Posted by Hello

Chandrakhan(CK) and i Posted by Hello

eva and i Posted by Hello

sue and i Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

l-r:wei seng,tze leong.me.junhui,and khai meng Posted by Hello

l-r: owen,anjali,dawn,debrah and i  Posted by Hello

debators going crazy Posted by Hello

@nyjc Posted by Hello

me at nyjc before debate Posted by Hello

Zhen yao and i Posted by Hello

l-r: me,kim brian Posted by Hello

quek and i (wat you trying to prove quek???!!kekekekeke..) Posted by Hello

l-r:kai rou,vincent a.k.a matthew a.k.a queky duck,vee2 Posted by Hello

l-r:vee2,alex,kai rou Posted by Hello

asking ppl wheter or not the cherry is real...haha.. Posted by Hello

vee2 cutting the cake Posted by Hello

vee2 blowing the "fake" candles coz none of us remembered to bring lighters or matches Posted by Hello