Saturday, February 25, 2006

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toilet poetry

these came from my dad thru email today...found it kinda funny=) so decided to share=)

Excellent poems by not so famous poets...
found on toilet doors and walls..........
A budding poet trying his best...

Here I lie in stinky vapor,
Because some bastard stole the toilet paper,
Shall I lie, or shall I linger,
Or shall I be forced to use my finger.

Before he graduated to be a poet, he wrote this...

Here I sit
Broken hearted
Tried to shit
But only farted

Someone who had a different experience wrote,

You're lucky
You had your chance
I tried to fart,
And shit my pants!

Perhaps it's true that people find inspiration in toilets.

I came here
To shit and stink,
But all I do
Is sit and think.

There are also people who come in for a different purpose...

Some come here to sit and think,
Some come here to shit and stink,
But I come here to scratch my balls,
And read the bullshit on the walls...

Toilets walls also double as job advertisement space....... (written high upon the wall)

If you can piss above this line,
the Singapore FireDepartment wants you.

Ministry of Environment advertisement.

We aim to please!
You aim too! Please

On the inside of a toilet door:
Patrons are requested to remain seated throughout the entire performance.

And finally, this should teach some a lesson...
sign seen at a restaurant:The hands that clean these toilets also make your food...
please aim properly.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

welcome cheng jienny-anny!

me want to wish cheng jienny-anny a HUGE welcome to Sunway!hehehe!!i got the bestest ever neighbour in the whole wide world!!!

we have been in the same class since standard one till form 5=)plus went to the same college=)now we're in the same place again!!!we'e been studying together for like the past 13 years!!!!!
now that's wat i call bloody long!

i wonder whether you're getting sick of looking at my face=)lol...

anyway,welcome again and may your stay here be a pleasant one=)

luv ya girlfren=)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

vday prezzies=)the balloon is from ravind=)the card with the girl on it is from malvinderjit and the pink stripy card is from sanjay!i love all my frens!their so so freaking extreamly sweet! Posted by Picasa

roses from sanjay and arjun=) Posted by Picasa

radiance form marcus=) Posted by Picasa

pic frame from ishwin=) Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

and a fleeting moment of bimbotic-ness.........

unwanted incidences happens all the while while one is not thinking and talking.unfortunately i,as you know do not possess a think-twice department,talk before i think all the time=)

today at physics one such unfortunate incidences happened.the physics teacher,Mr.P,gave us a question,to answer was about an ant that is standing on the corner of a perfect cube and what will be the minimum distance that the ant should travel to reach a certain point.

so to illustrate his point,Mr.P asked us to imagine that the box is unfolded.and i,the bloody big no brain moron,had to say in my most bimbotic voice(according to my friends)

Me: but Mr.P,if you open the box the ant will fall off!

*smacks head*

that was a totally dumb blonde moment!

the worst part is EVERYONE in class realized! and laughed their heads off!

*smacks head again*

someone,anyone, please donate a part of your brains to me=p

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ban doing anything work related on friday evenings=)

doing anything work related on a friday evening should be banned=)i mean how can anyone actually function properly after a tiring week at college?! i mean we actually have to like rest!we're not robots ya noe=)
sloth,gluttony and well,just being plain lazy should be made legal on friday nights and working ,being hardworking and having productive thoughts should be made illegal=)

i'm really some sleep=)..

Monday, February 06, 2006


i am an official talk-without-thinking-twice-IDIOT!!.period.i think i'm born without one of the most crucial part of my brain-the think twice department.

it all happened during english i don't particularly like the teacher-which happens to be the lady that suggested the "journal" writing which i have yet to do.but still it's no excuse for what i have just done in english class approximately 3 hours ago.i feel like hurling myself down a 20-storey building.
this is gonna make my already bad track record with this teacher WORST!!!

ok i guess you guys wanna know what happened.

it was superextremelyfreakingboring english class as teacher,which i will call miss S from this point forth, was showing us a few transparencies of sample journal entries to the class.she was standing in front of the OHP,blocking my view from the projected i asked her to take a step to the side so i'll be able to view her this-is-so-issue-based journal entries.

me:ms.S can you please move to the side a little as to not block my view*putting on the most polite voice that i possibly can when speaking to her*

ms.S: no.i'll be standing can move to the side so you can be closer to him.

me(thinking):WTF! you suggesting that i'm having an affair with him in front of the whole bloody class???

and without thinking twice,i looked at her in the face and went "THANKSSS!"

OMG! i still can't believe that i just did that!!omgomgomgomgomgomg!!!

i just like ...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

someone please kill me.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

books and notes=) see tht christmas bauble hanging there? nicked it from sunway Posted by Picasa

night view=) Posted by Picasa

my bimbotic bed=) looks a bit crumpled cos i just sat on it and din bother to straighten the quilt before taking the photo=) Posted by Picasa

the view from my window=) Posted by Picasa

my study table...oh well,my table in general.i do everything here.from sleeping to studying to eating=) Posted by Picasa

a close up of the multi-purpose table Posted by Picasa

my stash of food,stereo,printer and a bunch of notes=) Posted by Picasa

my shoe rack beside my door=) this post is a bit got nothing better to do today so i decided to introduce my room to you ppl out there=) Posted by Picasa

welcome to my room Posted by Picasa

cap and racquet beside the entrance=) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 04, 2006


i know this is a bit late but i am really busy these past few days..had 4 open houses at my house in two days!!thanks to my get lotsa angpows and stuff yourself silly=) (dun worry about tht waistline ppl!! exercise it off later..or better still just stay as such =)you'll be much more huggable=)trust me!)
i can't believe i'm back in the hell hole one day earlier!!!arrghh!!!!!!!!!!