Saturday, March 31, 2007

wiener erructus.

I had a nice chat with Malvin tonight.I miss this girl's sarcasm to bits.Glad we'll be meeting up soon when Dadaji gets his bouncy lelemak to Sydney.

ning♀ says (10:08 PM):obscene la your dp

ning♀ says (10:08 PM):later the wieners on your list get errection

Malvin says (10:08 PM):lol too bad lah i think its sexy

Malvin says (10:08 PM):and whoevers wanking off it can thank me muahaha

ning♀ says (10:09 PM):haha


Thursday, March 29, 2007

murder of the babies.

I I have nothing against gummy lollies.Gelatin and sugar drives me to a nutty sugar high.But making gummies in shape of babies is just plain wrong!!What have the world come to??Teaching our kids cannibalism?Imagine a baby putting a baby into it's mouth and gnawing it to death-GROSS!Chewing up teddy bears and snakes are gross too.just not as gross as chewing up replicas of human babies.They should make more of those fruit shaped ones=)
I realise that this post is so totally completely pointless.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My housemates makes delicious steak=) and mango salad=)

Yeelin's house warming at Macquarie Student Village.The guy in the bottom left picture in Mee Ying's elder brother btw.Like WOW!the chances of meeting your high school friends sibling 3000km from home.Found out from him that Mee Ying is currently studying in Melbourne=)

MSO city tour
Oxford Street=)Maggie and i doning our thang=)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007



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Thursday, March 08, 2007

and i miss you all loads=(

I may have missed chinese new year this year but the enthusiasm that our family has in celebrating it with gusto every year will always be an inhereant part of my nature=)I hope i can be home for the festivities next year.This ones from last year,this years one would have been,sadly,without me.

Miles away i may be.but home is always where the heart're the only place i know i'll find comfort when the going gets rough.Thank you for your endless love and support.I love you.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm a survivor of first week med school.

Well med school isn't as supercalifragilistickaspealedociously exciting as I initially thought it would be.So much for preconceived ideas.

Lectures are as all usual lectures would be-BORING!

But the med students at UNSW can be considered lucky as we get to go for clinicals at the teaching hospitals as early as the first week.It felt kinda weird walking round the hospital with a stethoscope hanging round my neck.I mean ,come on,I don't even know how to use the damn thing.And there i am draping it around my neck looking all doctor-ish and professional.*sheesh*

Saw a man with a boil on his butt.The guy was proundly displaying his posterior to us freshies.Like the doctor didn't even ask him to.Flasher.*lol*

Got a shit load of assignments to do and it's only the first week.2 projects which are respectively 2500 and 3000 words each and an oral presentation.Oh well,I'll survive.

Anatomy class today was WOOOZAH~! man.We go to touch the cadavers and learnt how to identify their location.I saw a testicle that was cut into a cross section*cues guys to go ouch*Didnt see whole bodies tho,just got to see random parts of it on the table,like one arm,a leg,two or three torso's and a couple of lungs.One day i'll prolly post a few disturbing images for your benifit if i do get to capture a few.

Other than school social activities organized by med school to date are almost all related to alcohol one way or the other.but tis ok,cos did you know that your liver regenerates,so you sorta get a new liver every 1-2 years or

Anyways,I'll update more when i actually dont have to do research,write reflective essays or do the laundry=)

till then peepo=)