Saturday, April 16, 2005

OMG!!is that a POST??!!!

well i'm back again after taking a super long holiday from blogging ...i'm sorry for not updating my blog.Been quite busy since my return.but it's not that i din try or anything like that ..i did write a super long post last week but under unfortunate circumstances it got deleted when my internet browser decided(against my will) to navigate away from the page!!and*poof* all my hard work gone!!ish..terrible computer.

anyway, i think i've been adjusting quite well to college's not quite what i thought it is(this teaches me AGAIN not to judge a book by it's cover)The stereotypical idea that college life is actually very slack is not quite true..i mean yes,the lifestyle is definately much more relaxed than the JC lifestyle,but this is due to the fact that college students do not have things like CCA,NAPFA,project work and CIP to bog them down.well i found it quite hard to cope with the syallbus..partly coz what i learnt in singapore didn't ..well sorta coincide with wat they're learning here,and partly becos i had to sit for the first assesment only after being in college for like two weeks.was forced to go for extra class during lunch time and after school everyday..needless to say my brain was fried!!imagine going to school from 8 to 5 everyday(including saturday!!but sat's time is shorter..until 12)with only a twenty minutes lunch break!!life can't get anymore pathetic than this!!they even forced me to go back everyday from 8 to 5 DURING study break for extra class!!!i mean doesn't study break means taking a break from studying???wth??!!and on top of that they expect us to do our own revision for the assesments that we're taking(assesments are quite important as the marks actually adds up to the total marks forthe's 50% internal and 50% external marking)but thankfully i have a few friends who are super helpful..helped me a lot bye borrowing me their notes and all and clarifiying all my doubts!!without them i'm probably the most lost person in college!!i wouldn't even noe where the class rooms and the labs are!!

I MISS UNIFORMS!!!!i mean i never expected i would say this but i do! i mean imagine waking up every morning having to think of what to wear!!so troublesome..uniorms are so much more convienient!!some days i just wish that i can pull on a big t-shirt and shorts and slip on a pair of "jamban" slippers and then off to coll..want to do it but can't!!mom will nag at me abt dressing ettiquette until my ears drop off..imagine she think a t-shirt and board shorts(not the super short kind,the knee length kind)are not appropriate for reprimanded by her for wearing that..but i don't really care..comfort is more important..

i screwed up my first assesment for math,math extention-1(an extention of the maths syllabus.quite hard.but i didn't have a choice.the lady who signed me up didn't even ask me whether i wanted to do it.she just grabbed my results and asked me wat subject combi i was doing in singapore and filled in my form for me)and bio.even though i din get the marks yet i've got a bad feeling that i didn't do very well.but on the bright side i did pretty ok for chem.

ok enough abt the college at home is actually getting sadder and sadder day by mom is trying to take control over every single aspect of my life!!!she's like dictating my every move!!!even wat time i study,when i tidy up my study place and room,and when i wanna go out with my friends..she's like arrrrrgh!!!no words to describe!!!maybe i'm just too used to the freedom i used to have,miss that freedom man!or maybe it's because she feels insecure about her children growing up and leaving the nest!!maybe she's trying to "make up" for the lost of control on me for the last three months that i was away.One way or the other,this has been the main reason i regret coming back..i miss the "partial freedom" that came with living in a boarding school.
well to all my frens sg..I MISS YOU PPL!!i'll try to go to visit you guys there some day!!!

-by preserverance the snail can reach the ark-