Tuesday, November 15, 2005


as you can see from the picture i stuffed two sticks of chocolate rocky up my nostrills..haha..did it during econs break just now...
just in case you people out there think i've gone mad ,i assure you i have not gone bonkers.rafika and adila dared me to do it..lol..paid my to do it too!!so i figured wth!!free money!!!
oh and they din just gimme the money for stuffing two rocky's up my nose...i had to.......

EAT THEM!!!! hahahahaha!!!!!!lol..i can't believe i just did that!!!now i'm smelling chocolate..lol..

sorry for not being able to update in such a long while..been really busy with all my college stuff.exams coming real soon...plus there's the stupid play thing we're supposed to do..arrggh!!
tell you ppl more after my exams.just couldn't resist posting this..lol